Romano Suno/Gipsydream - Weihnochtszeit 2010

These recordings pay homage to gipsy swing, jazz, and blues; they’re about hardship, the vicissitudes of love, and the spirit of dance. But they seem to be bound together by a blues tune about walking the streets of a wintry Vienna that is lit up by Christmas decoration and market stalls, „glistening like red cellophane paper, dark grey clouds above.“ The greatest gifts are also the ones we cannot keep. While we feel they are meant for us personally, we also sense a need to pass them on and share them with others. Music is one of them, and this song captures the mood, energy, and spirit of this eternal current of giving away our most precious creations to search again for the source from which they spring. Here, Christmas is about passing it on, passing on, what we lose when we win, and the things we can only receive as a gift
(Text: Mathias Goldmann)

Romano Suno (Roma Traum) – Weihnochtszeit: 2010

1. weihnachtszeit - christmastime Play Download this Song
2. warm up Play Download this Song
3. long ago Play Download this Song
4. summer dreams Play Download this Song
5. romano suno - gipsy dream Play Download this Song
6. gipsy kink Play Download this Song
7. just another day Play Download this Song
8. lebenslust - joy of live Play Download this Song
9. praise the lord Play Download this Song
10. baro bijav - big wedding Play Download this Song

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Harri Stojka: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Karl Sayer: double bass
Heimo Wiederhofer: bruch snare
Melinda Stoika: lead vocals “Just Another Day”

Recorded at Gipsyland Studios, Vienna-2010
Recorded by Harri Stojka
Mix and Master: Rudi Mille
All music composed and arranged by Harri Stojka

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Label LOGO: gipsy production

Design& Photographer: Tina Hochkogler

special thanks to:
Johannes Scheibenreif
Melinda Stoika